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When dealing with separation, divorce, or adoption, getting help from an experienced professional capable of aiding them in the process can make things much easier for families.

Seeking help from an attorney practicing family law is often prudent when individuals are getting divorced, adopting a child, drafting a prenuptial agreement, or seeking child support, among other situations. Our lawyers can help you get the alimony you need from your spouse, ensure that you will have a set custody agreement following divorce, or confirm the father of your child through paternity testing so that you can get child support. Family law matters are often complex and emotionally exhausting, so having a support from a skilled attorney is often important for families in Dundalk.

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When to Call a Family Law Attorney in Dundalk

There are many instances when our family law attorneys can lend their expertise to parents and families going through trying times. For example, if you are getting a divorce, our lawyers can help you navigate difficult discussions and processes regarding custody and divorce settlements. Adoption falls under family law, which is a legal process in and of itself. Couples seeking prenuptial agreements or parents seeking child support can also benefit from seeking counsel.

You Are Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce can be one of the most challenging events in a person’s life. Our attorneys can aid you in the process by negotiating divorce settlements so that you receive the assets and funds you are entitled to. If you share children with your spouse, discussing and determining a set custody agreement will be prudent. Non-legal agreements between spouses regarding custody could lead to future disagreements or issues. In general, it is best to determine custody during divorce proceedings so that your children have a secure future. It may also be necessary to discuss alimony. Alimony is typically paid to the spouse that earns less money to allow them to maintain the same quality of life. If you are entitled to alimony, our attorneys will ensure that you receive the necessary payments from your spouse following a divorce in Dundalk. Our lawyers can provide similar assistance to those seeking separation agreements.

You Are Adopting a Child

Family law might also find its way into exciting and happy times in a person’s life, such as adopting a child. This is a legal process, meaning you have to petition the court to adopt a child and become their legal guardian. There are many different ways to adopt a child, whether through an independent, private, or public agency in Dundalk. If you adopt a child whose biological parent or parents are against the process for whatever reason, you might face an uphill battle. Still, adoption in these cases is possible. Even if you have an agreement with an adoption agency, it is important to retain counsel to ensure you will get legal guardianship over your child.

You Are Writing a Prenuptial Agreement

Today, prenuptial agreements are relatively common. When getting married, many want to protect their assets prior to marriage in case of divorce. When drafting your prenuptial agreement, our attorneys can ensure that you and your spouse-to-be will have your goals met. It is important to identify possible caveats in a prenuptial agreement that could lessen your settlement in the event of divorce. For example, prenuptial agreements often have an adultery clause, which would eliminate alimony in the event of proven infidelity. Drafting a secure prenuptial agreement, and understanding the caveats your future spouse might have included in it, is important so that you can your future and the futures of your possible children.

You Are Seeking Child Support

While often discussed during divorce proceedings, determining child support can be difficult. This is especially true in instances where paternity has been disputed or the child’s parents were never married. If paternity is in question, our attorneys can engage in the legal procedures to have the father of your child to take a paternity test to confirm his relationship to your child. This might be necessary if the father contests the fact that you share a child and cites that as a reason to avoid paying child support. Once paternity is confirmed, you can go to court to get child support, if necessary. This can allow you to give your child the care they need in Dundalk. Establishing paternity might also be necessary in cases where fathers want partial custody of their children.

Benefits of Getting a Family Law Lawyer in Dundalk

Many procedures and issues within family law are emotionally charged, as these matters typically involve a person’s loved ones or individuals with whom they previously had a close relationship. Having an attorney to represent you in these situations can help lower the emotions and lead to a better result.

It is undoubtedly frustrating and emotional to go through a divorce or seek child support when the other party involved refuses to engage. Even positive situations, like adoption, can be challenging and time-consuming, which can cause frustration for parents wanting to expand their families. To aid in these matters, our attorneys can handle the procedural aspects, such as document preparation, court filings, and important deadlines, which could be overwhelming for those involved. Furthermore, enlisting help from those learned in family law can allow you to discover rules you were previously unaware of that could help your case regarding things like alimony or child support. Family law matters are often delicate, making having support from counsel all the more important for involved parties in Dundalk.

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