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It is not uncommon for the best relationships to come to an end. When a marriage is falling apart and divorce seems inevitable, it is vital to have a professional and compassionate attorney at your side. Our Dundalk, MD divorce attorneys have been protecting the rights and interests of our clients for decades. Whether your divorce is highly contested or a mutual decision, it will be fraught with emotional stress.
At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, our attorneys and staff understand Maryland divorce law and are sympathetic to the plight you are undergoing. We are committed to assisting you through this difficult time and challenging legal process. Call (410) 431-0911 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

Divorce in Dundalk, Maryland

Any divorce is an emotional and stressful affair, even if the parties consent in principle to the idea of ending a marriage. Often, the most amicable separations become heated when the reality of the legal process comes to light.
Our Dundalk divorce attorneys have a vast array of experience dealing with divorce and all the legal and emotional hurdles it entails. Whether your marriage lasted twenty-five years or five, we have the knowledge to address your concerns and any potential complication.
Many Dundalk divorces involve high levels of conflict with disputes over marital property, alimony, child custody, and child support. Without professional and aggressive representation, your rights and interests might not be fully protected.

Grounds for Divorce in Maryland

In Maryland, there are two types of divorces that are available. A limited divorce and an absolute divorce. The significant difference between the two is you are permitted to remarry if you obtain an absolute divorce. Both have very specific grounds that must be proven to file a divorce complaint.

Limited Divorce

As stated above, and our Dundalk divorce attorney will caution you, a limited divorce is only a legal recognition that you and your spouse live separately. Under Maryland law, you are still considered legally married.
The grounds for a limited divorce include cruelty, excess harsh conduct towards you or a minor child, desertion, and voluntary separation of the parties involved.

Absolute Divorce

Under Maryland law, an absolute divorce is what people generally consider divorce. An absolute divorce dissolves your marriage, requiring you to divide your marital property and allowing you to remarry.
To file for an absolute divorce, you must be able to prove one of a few very specific grounds. The grounds for an absolute divorce include adultery, desertion for over twelve-month, cruelty and harsh conduct, a voluntary separation for twelve consecutive months, a criminal conviction and sentence no less than three years, or insanity.

Proving Grounds for Divorce in Dundalk, MD

Proving grounds for divorce in Dundalk is often a time-consuming process. Our Dundalk divorce attorneys understand the exhausting process and can professionally and efficiently handle your case.
It can be challenging to prove grounds for divorce. For example, while you do not have to have evidence of sexual intercourse to prove adultery, you have to demonstrate that your spouse was likely to have committed adultery and had the opportunity to do so. Proving this will require substantial evidence and witness testimony.
Divorce, especially if contested, is an emotionally charged process. If you attempt to collect evidence on your own, you might jeopardize your case because of the sensitive subject matter and your emotional attachment to the proceedings. By allowing our compassionate Dundalk divorce attorneys and staff to gather evidence, you can have the time and distance to care for yourself.

Mutual Divorce in Dundalk

Fortunately, Maryland recently revised the divorce process. Out of the grounds for an absolute divorce, only one, voluntary separation, was based on something other than specific conduct or a wrong-doing. While a spouse’s behavior often contributes to a divorce, in many situations, both parties know that their marriage is over. If a couple mutually consents to a divorce, Maryland law still requires them to live separately, effectively paying for two residences while waiting twelve months to file for divorce.
The Maryland mutual consent divorce law allows a couple that wants a divorce to avoid the year waiting period. However, the process is still not without its legal obstacles.
While a mutual divorce might appear straightforward, the burden of finding a resolution to the many issues associated with divorce are shifted from the court to you. The mutual divorce process removes the opportunity to have a judge adjudicate your case, leaving you responsible for reaching an agreement with your spouse regarding everything from the distribution of personal property to how your children will be raised. It is crucial to have our knowledgeable Dundalk divorce attorney representing your interest -especially if your spouse has hired legal representation. You want to ensure your rights are protected and that any agreement reached complies with the law.
To qualify for a mutual divorce, you must provide the court a signed written settlement agreement regarding the distribution of property and any alimony issues. If children are involved, the agreement must include a custody agreement that resolves legal and physical custody, visitation rights, and child support.

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No one goes into a marriage anticipating getting a divorce, but sometimes it happens. When a marriage dissolves, it is more than the mere ending of a relationship. There are legal issues to resolve and, if the couple has children, custody and support concerns. Our Dundalk, MD divorce attorneys offer professional and compassionate representation for those going through the painful process. Call the Maryland family lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 431-0911 to schedule a free appointment to discuss your unique situation.