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Welcoming a child into your family through adoption is an exciting experience but also one that is complex, time-consuming, and serious. Effectively, adoption is the state trusting the prospective adoptive parents to be a good fit for another human being. That is something that is taken very seriously. There are going to be interviews, background checks, and other legwork that needs to be done, no matter what method you choose for adoption.

If you are thinking about adopting someone, we are here to help. Adoption is a lengthy process, but we are with you all the way from start to finish, and we will work hard to ensure you put your best foot forward and can welcome someone new into your family.

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Adoption Methods in Waldorf, MD

There are a couple of different methods of adoption in Maryland that you can choose from. However, all methods are treated very seriously by the state, and they all will require a great deal of work and dedication. Adopting someone is not a decision to be made lightly, but our adoption attorneys can determine the method of adoption that suits your needs best.

Public Agencies

Many prospective adoptive parents will choose to adopt through public agencies. Using this method, you will work with foster homes and care facilities to adopt a child. Sadly, the reality is that many children in foster care have pasts involving abandonment, abuse, and a myriad of other unfortunate events. That is something that cannot be ignored when choosing to adopt from the foster care system. There may be difficulties that come with adopting a child who has experienced those things. Moreover, the state does not want to place a child who had prior bad experiences into another similar experience. Accordingly, the state will likely be more active and involved in the adoption process than if you were to use a different adoption method.

Independent Adoption

Independent adoption refers to adopting a child from parents who, for whatever reason, cannot raise that child. This could be because the parents are very young, do not have the finances to raise the child, wish to adopt a stepchild into their family, or countless other reasons. In an independent adoption, courts and attorneys are still deeply involved in the process.

Private Agency Adoption

Finally, private adoption involves privately owned adoption agencies that try to match children with prospective parents looking to adopt. Compared to the other adoption methods, there are often fewer administrative hurdles involved in private adoption. That being said, you need to be somewhat careful about which agency you choose to use. If you suspect that a particular private agency is not reputable or doing things they should not be doing, you should talk to legal counsel – and potentially law enforcement – immediately.

What Factors Affect Adoption Decisions in Waldorf, MD?

As previously stated, adoption is taken very seriously by the state, so they are in no rush to make the process hasty. It can take quite a while, from putting in an initial adoption request to finally welcoming a new child into your family. In fact, the child may even be living with you for a while – likely months – before the adoption is finalized.

You will likely need to provide a lot of information to both courts and adoption agencies throughout the duration of the process. Information that may be requested from you may include:


You must be at least 18 years old to adopt in Maryland. This should be fairly straightforward to prove to the court or an adoption agency. However, your age may also be weighed as a factor.

There are issues that could come up for both older and younger people. Generally, younger people have less financial means and may not have as stable living conditions as older people, and older individuals may not be able to care for a child effectively.

Marital Status

Whether you are married can also have an impact on adoption decisions in Maryland. If you are married, the length and stability of your marriage will be considered by adoption agencies and the courts, as those things can have a direct impact on the child’s quality of life. If you are single, the court will consider whether you can manage raising a child. This includes physical ability, financial means, and mental health. Of course, our attorneys can gather evidence to support the claim that you are a good fit for adoption.

Medical Status

Adoption agencies may also ask to see your medical records so that they can verify that you are in good physical, mental, and emotional health. This does not mean that people with diagnosed mental health conditions cannot adopt. However, adoption agencies and courts will probably ask for evidence demonstrating that you are receiving treatment for any diagnosed conditions and otherwise are taking steps to deal with your condition. Our attorneys can help show the court that you are a good fit to adopt, regardless of any diagnoses.

Living Space

You need to show to the court that you have sufficient living space to support adopting a child. While this does not necessarily mean that you need to own a home, you must have enough living space to not become a hindrance to the child’s development. For example, someone who lives in a 3-bedroom apartment may be more likely to get approved than someone who lives in a small studio apartment.

Economic Factors

In addition to appropriate housing, adoption agencies will also examine factors like the prospective adoptive parent’s income and lifestyle. Simply put, the state wants to ensure that they are placing children with parents who have the means to support them, so it will look at economic factors and things related to economic well-being. This does not mean you have to be filthy rich, but it does mean you have to demonstrate that you can support yourself and a child.

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