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Adopting a child is a joyous occasion for many, but also a very serious decision that requires careful consideration. However, adopting a child is not a walk in the park. It is an extremely lengthy and taxing process under the best of circumstances. You will need to work with an adoption agency that will examine you, courts will judge your fitness to adopt a child, and you will have to gather a lot of information and fill out many forms and other paperwork. This can feel like a lot to do – and it is – but it is worth it in the end to give a child a good home.

If you are considering adopting a child in Silver Springs, we can help. Our attorneys know how important adoption can be to people, so we can pursue these proceedings with the same determination and care you have to give a child the life they deserve.

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Who Can Adopt Children in Silver Springs, Maryland

Md. Code, Family Law Art., § 5-331 dictates who can adopt in Maryland. Essentially, anyone who is not the child to be adopted’s biological parents can petition the courts for adoption. There is no requirement at all for the adoptive parent to have a spouse. However, if the adopting parent does have a spouse, the spouse will also get custody of the child unless they are separated, one spouse is not competent, or one spouse is already the biological parent of the child. The final situation often happens when one spouse who already has a biological child remarries, and their new spouse wants to adopt their step-child.

Choosing How to Adopt in Silver Springs, MD

Adoption can take a long time, and the process is often very intense. It requires a lot of work and dedication to adopt a child and care for them as your own. There are different avenues you can take in order to go through the adoption process, and one of the first things you need to figure out is what method of adoption you are going to pursue. Our adoption attorneys can work with you to figure out which adoption method is best for your situation and needs.

Private Adoption

Private adoption, or private agency adoption, is done through private companies that match prospective adoptive parents with children who would be a good fit. Private adoption is very common because there can be less administrative “red tape” than with other methods. However, it is very important to look into the private agency you are adopting from, as there can end up being situations where the agency is using less-than-scrupulous methods. In those cases, you should tell our lawyers and law enforcement right away that you suspect something is up. However, the vast majority of private adoption agencies are reputable businesses that generate excellent, joyous outcomes for both parents and children.

Public Agency Adoption

Public agency adoption has prospective parents working with foster care systems and similar public agencies to adopt children in need. Indeed, many foster children come from backgrounds where they have been abused, abandoned, or experienced other awful things. It takes a particular kind of person to be a good parent to a child who has experienced those kinds of things. Because the state has a vested interest in the well-being of these children, the public agency you adopt from may take a more active role in checking in on how the child is doing. The last thing they want is to place a child who just got out of one bad situation into another one.

Independent Agency Adoption

Finally, parents can adopt from independent adoption agencies. Independent adoption generally refers to when an adoptive parent adopts a child from a parent who is unable to raise that child themselves. However, you cannot just have a private human transaction from one parent to another. The court and our lawyers need to be involved. There is the potential for this method of adoption to be quicker than others, but circumstances may make things drag on, and you should be prepared for a potentially lengthy adoption process with any method you choose to use.

How Do Courts Examine Prospective Adoptive Parents in Silver Springs, MD?

Biological parents are not examined to determine whether they are allowed to have a child. However, adoptive parents are. Courts do not want to hand off children to a home they should not be in, so judges and experts will gauge whether you are fit to adopt or not. This process is taken extremely seriously, so you should not be surprised if there are multiple hearings and examinations to determine whether you will be allowed to adopt or not. Rest assured, our adoption attorneys will be able to help you every step of the way.

How Long Does the Adoption Process Take in Silver Springs, MD?

Adoption can take quite a long time. While the factors and circumstances of each case will make things different, it is not unusual for the adoption process to take months or even years. Adoption agencies and courts will need a lot of information and a lot of evidence to see if you are a good fit for adoption.

The best way to make the adoption process go as fast as possible is to have our attorneys assist you, as this can ensure that things are filed on time and you otherwise put your best foot forward in the adoption process.

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