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Many couples that go through to a legal separation, limited divorce, or absolute divorce in Maryland have to go through the alimony or spousal support process. Many times, this kind of process can be contentious and emotionally draining. However, you don’t have to go through your spousal support hearing alone. Our Cumberland, MD alimony attorneys can help.
For decades, our dedicated and experienced attorneys have helped thousands of clients with their alimony cases. Thanks to our many years of experience with Maryland family law, we can provide you with the quality legal representation you deserve. To learn more about our services in a free, confidential consultation, call Rice, Murtha, & Psoras today at (410) 431-0911.

Do I Have to Pay Alimony in Cumberland, MD?

During a Maryland legal separation, limited divorce, or absolute divorce, one of the spouses may be required to make alimony or spousal support payments. These payments are ordered in cases where one of the spouses is in a better financial situation than the other. For instance, if one of the spouses was a stay-at-home mother or father, they wouldn’t be in a position to support themselves. Spousal support allows the spouse at a disadvantage to receive payments while they can get back on their feet. However, this is not the only situation that may lead to spousal support in Cumberland, MD.
Both parties can determine spousal support through an agreement. This type of agreement doesn’t have to be made in court. However, it is recommended to hire an experienced Cumberland, MD alimony attorney. It is possible that one of the parties may want to take advantage of the situation and draft an agreement that is self-serving on its face. Having a skilled attorney by your side can help you accept the terms of an agreement that equally serves both parties.
It is essential to note that the agreement between both parties is legally binding, and in some cases, not even the court can enter to modify such agreements. Conversely, you may agree to waive your rights to receive alimony, which the court cannot modify if you agreed and signed your contract. If you are fighting for alimony in Cumberland, MD, we can help you. Do not agree to anything if you are in doubt. Let our skilled attorneys help you through this process.

How Alimony is Determined in Cumberland, MD

In determining alimony or spousal support, the court will look into different factors. One of the main elements the court analyzes to determine the amount of alimony – if any – a spouse should receive is their financial status. The court will look at your finances to decide whether you need to receive alimony while you get back on your feet and live independently. Not all people have the opportunity to get a degree or training to find a job after a divorce in Maryland. The courts will factor in the time you may need to receive education or training before determining alimony payments.
The court will also analyze what your standard of living was while you were married. This can also influence the court’s decision on the duration and amount of alimony you may get. Additionally, the court will also factor in the duration of your marriage, which can maximize or decrease your payments.
Furthermore, the court can consider critical factors such as holding custody of your children, in addition to your financial situation. Moreover, your overall health, your contribution to your family, and the property acquired upon divorce may also affect the amount of alimony you can expect to get.
Many people tend to believe that alimony is perpetual. However, these payments are temporary, and, as we mentioned, they can last until your ex-spouse can get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. This doesn’t mean that the court can’t order alimony payments indefinitely. There may be extraordinary circumstances that may require you to keep making spousal support payments. Suppose you are separating or divorcing when your spouse suffers an accident and gets disabled. Under such an extraordinary circumstance, the court may extend the alimony’s duration.

What Happens if I Stop Making Alimony Payments in Cumberland, MD?

Alimony orders are an obligation and not a choice. The courts take alimony payments very seriously and will not tolerate delays or missed payments. If you unilaterally decide to stop making alimony payments, the court may find you in contempt, and you may face civil penalties. It is essential to comply with the court’s orders and keep making your alimony payments.
However, what happens if you are unable to make your alimony payments? There have been numerous instances where a payor may not be able to satisfy their alimony payments due to unforeseen events. If you lost your job, experienced a salary reduction, or had an accident and became disabled, you may not be able to pay for alimony as ordered by the court.
Under these circumstances, the court may modify your alimony order. However, it is not enough to argue that you cannot make payments. The court will expect you to support your spousal support order modification through concrete evidence. For instance, if you were laid off, you can provide the court with your termination letter. Courts are not enthusiastic about changing alimony orders. This is why presenting as much evidence as possible is crucial to justify your modification.
If your circumstances have changed and you cannot make your alimony payments in Cumberland, MD, we can help. Our Cumberland, MD alimony attorneys can help you with your alimony case.

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If you or a loved one is going through an alimony process in Cumberland, MD, we can help. Dealing with spousal support can be stressful, overwhelming, and challenging. However, you don’t have to go through this challenging time alone. Our Cumberland, MD alimony attorneys from Rice, Murtha, & Psoras can help. Thanks to decades of combined experience, we can provide you with the quality legal representation you deserve. To learn more about our legal services in a free, confidential consultation with our Maryland family law attorney, call our law offices today (410) 431-0911.