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Bringing any complaint against a loved one can feel awkward and wrong. Our attorneys can help you work through that discomfort and get the resolution you are hoping for in Columbia.

Family court cases begin with complaints filed by petitioners. You can file a complaint for divorce, custody, child support, and alimony, or for other reasons. Family court matters are often resolved through mediation so that a trial is unnecessary. Mediation is most successful when both parties actively participate in the hope of finding a resolution that will make everyone happy. Going to court for familial matters is uncomfortable for many. The best way to deal with these situations is by allowing your attorney to handle the majority of the responsibilities involved in your case

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How to Bring a Case in Family Court in Columbia, MD

There are many family matters that must be brought to court in order to get a sense of resolution. Although certain events in your family might feel very intimate and private, it is important to know how to bring your case to court if necessary.

Certain matters, such as divorce, separation, custody, and child support, do not solely happen within the confines of a family unit and the privacy that provides. Often, you must go to court to get the result you are looking for and to have an official ruling on a specific familial matter. These matters are handled in a specific court known as family court.

To initiate your case in Columbia, our family law attorneys will file a complaint or petition with the court. This will be necessary if you are seeking a divorce or are making amendments to a present custody arrangement with an ex-spouse or partner. All matters of family law start with a petitioner filing a complaint. You might be the recipient of a complaint if you are not the petitioner. In that case, you must respond to the complaint in a timely fashion, or else the judge might automatically rule in the petitioner’s favor. There will be certain deadlines to meet and forms to file, depending on your specific case. If you are the petitioner, you might be more likely to succeed in your case, as you might have had more time to prepare.

How to Settle Matters of Family Law in Columbia, MD

Going to court and providing testimony before a judge is often a stressful and emotionally draining experience for families going through trying times. For this reason, our lawyers will explore ways to settle the matters without going through formal court proceedings.

Mediation might come into play during the course of certain family law cases. For example, when going through a divorce, our lawyers will meet with a client’s spouse’s attorney to discuss a resolution that would please both parties. This can help eliminate any discomfort or tension that could come about if a judge were to hear your case. Handling divorce proceedings this way is not always possible, depending on certain factors such as the relationship between spouses at the time.

When parents are negotiating custody, it can be traumatizing to put a child through a ruthless custody battle. To save your child that hardship, we can enter into mediation with their other parent to resolve the matter. But, as with divorce, custody cannot always be determined during mediation. This is especially true if a non-custodial parent does not wish to contribute child support and is fighting against the present custody arrangement. In these instances, it may be necessary to forgo mediation and present your reasoning for your proposed arrangement to the judge.

For the sake of your family, it is often worth exploring mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods before taking a case to trial. In fact, judges in Columbia will typically advise parties to enter into mediation for the main purpose of preserving relationships. Even if you attempt to settle the matter out of court, to the best of your ability, the other party involved in the case might not want to. You must be prepared for this possibility and have the information necessary to support your case, whatever it may be.

Tips on Approaching Family Law Cases in Columbia, MD

Going to court for familial matters can be uncomfortable for many, especially those dealing with strained relationships or other interpersonal hardships. Having the support of an experienced attorney and taking other conscious steps can help alleviate some of the pressure you might feel during the process.

First of all, recognize that going to court, whether for divorce, separation, custody, or child support, is a way for you to take care of your family and yourself. If you are being intimidated into settling your case by the other party, tell our attorneys right away. This is somewhat common in divorce proceedings where one party does not want to separate. Such behavior might occur during custody proceedings in Columbia as well.

Additionally, family court proceedings tend to go best when involved parties have little communication with one another outside of their attorneys being present. Although it can feel impersonal to speak through a lawyer, especially if it is with someone you once had a close relationship with, it is often important to keep things amicable and healthy for all involved parties. While this can be challenging if you share children together, it is best to heed this advice as much as possible. Be careful not to discuss the particulars of your case with anyone other than an attorney, as that might cause roadblocks for you in the future.

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